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Flood Insurance Michigan

Home and Commercial Flood Insurance in Michigan

Flooding threatens communities differently across the U.S., but how does it affect those living in a Great Lake state? Living in Michigan has a relatively high risk of flooding, with 12% of Michigan homes holding a 26% chance of severe flooding in the next 30 years.

The reality is that no home is completely protected from flooding. In fact, flooding is the most common natural disaster in America. So how can homeowners protect themselves?

Even if you have homeowners insurance, standard policies don't include coverage for flooding. What does this mean for you? Without comprehensive flood insurance, Michigand residents will need to pay all flood-related costs out-of-pocket.

Rocket Flood is the #1 provider of flood insurance in Michigan. We protect homes and businesses across the Great Lake State to ensure property owners can rest easy with comprehensive coverage.

Michigan faces the unique threat of severe weather and rising water levels, with approximately 300 miles of shoreline properties facing increased risk profiles. Protect your home or business with a trusted Michigan flood insurance provider by your side.

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Flood Insurance Rates in Michigan

Competitive Rates

We understand that finding cheap flood insurance in Michigan isn't easy, with average rates exceeding $1,000 per year statewide. Rocket Flood aims to slash your insurance costs by leveraging the latest technology and strong partnerships with more than 20 dedicated flood insurance providers.
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Specialists in Flood Insurance

Rocket Flood is the only company that specializes in flood insurance and only flood insurance. Say goodbye to confusing policies and sketchy add-ons. We focus our efforts entirely on providing the residents of Michigan with comprehensive flood insurance policies they can rely on.
Our team consists of specialists with in-depth flooding expertise from years of experience in the industry. Our experts intimately understand the needs of home and business owners, ensuring you get the perfect policy for your needs.

LiDAR Technology

Pay less for more flood insurance in Michigan by assessing your property's risk profile. We utilize LiDAR technology to analyze the terrain around your home. This technology, favored by NASA and the U.S. military, can pinpoint the exact elevation of your property and allows you to unlock exclusive discounts.

Don't pay for more than you need. Rocket Flood ensures your flood insurance cost accurately represents the flooding risk facing your home.

Comprehensive Coverage

Never compromise on your protection. We are a premium insurer that offers comprehensive and affordable coverage for your specific needs. Get up to $5 million in personal content and $20 million in building coverage. Higher coverage limits ensure you are prepared for anything, whether you need to insure a home, business, or industrial facility.

Add various enhancements to your policy, including:

  Loss of Rents
  Loss of Use
  Pool Repair/Refill
  Basement Contents
  Replacement Cost on Contents
  Other Structure Coverage

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Flood Insurance: Michigan FAQs

If you need clarification about flood insurance, how it works, or how much it costs, here are the answers to the most common questions we get about flood insurance in Michigan.

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