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Flood Insurance Pennsylvania

Home and Commercial Flood Insurance in PA

Climate change, rising water levels, and more frequent severe weather are some of Pennsylvania's top threats facing residential and commercial properties. Approximately 13% of all properties in the state face a greater than 26% chance of severe flooding over the next 30 years

Never leave the safety of your home and business to chance. Comprehensive flood insurance in PA from Rocket Flood can help defend your most important assets should the worst happen.

At Rocket Flood, we specialize in providing PA flood insurance to those who need it most. Flooding is the most frequent and damaging natural disaster within the Commonwealth, with an average of 24 counties facing at least one flooding event annually.

Pennsylvania faces a greater-than-average risk of flooding due to the Susquehanna, Ohio, and Delaware river basins. It leaves Pennsylvanians with the unique stat of possessing more miles of running water than state roads.

The evidence is clear. According to the Climate Impacts Assessment, Pennsylvania will face more extreme rainfall and flooding by 2050.

Ensure you are protected if you fall victim to flooding with comprehensive flood insurance in PA from Rocket Flood today.

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Flood Insurance Rates in Pennsylvania

Competitive Rates

We understand home and business owners are concerned about insurance premium hikes. Cheap flood insurance in PA does not have to mean you have to compromise on quality.
Using our robust network of more than 20 A-rated insurers, Rocket Flood allows you to find the lowest flood insurance rates without compromising your coverage.
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Specialists in Flood Insurance

If you're searching for private flood insurance companies in PA, turn to the #1 Flood Insurance agency with a mission to save clients time and money.
Our extensive experience within the sector provides us with unmatched inside industry knowledge to allow our clients to obtain the policies they need at competitive rates.
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LiDAR Technology

Receive five-star coverage at affordable prices with LiDAR technology.

Access the exclusive elevation discounts open to all property owners with the same technology used by NASA and the U.S. military. Our technology takes precise elevation measurements of your property to open up significant discounts on your policy.

Stop paying more for your flood insurance PA than necessary. Rocket Flood ensures your flood insurance quote in PA reflects the actual risk to your property.

Pennsylvania flood insurance has never been more affordable. Realize the savings on protecting your home with Rocket Flood.

Comprehensive Coverage

With comprehensive coverage options for your home and business, ensure you are protected, whatever the weather. Our range of coverage options allows you to enhance your protection while only charging you for the coverage you need.

Rocket Flood insures properties up to $5,000,000 in personal content and $20,000,000 in building coverage.

Work with a Rocket Flood specialist on the policy enhancements relevant to you, including:

  Other Structure Coverage
  Replacement Cost on Contents
  Loss of Rents
  Loss of Use
  Pool Repair/Refill
  Basement Contents

Every policy is customized to the client, meaning you only pay for the coverage you actually need. Talk to a Rocket Flood agent to learn more about our insurance add-ons.

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How do you know you are getting the best deal on your flood insurance in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or Harrisburg?

With Rocket Flood, our clients always know they are getting the best deal because our proprietary technology uncovers the best insurers with the most significant discounts.

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PA Flood Insurance FAQs

How much does flood insurance cost in PA? What do the different flood zone classifications mean? At Rocket Flood, we empower our clients to understand their policies and the protections they receive by becoming knowledgeable and active policyholders. Here are the answers to people's most common questions about flood insurance.

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